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SNA Past Presidents Recipes with Love Cookbook
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Wisconsin Gorgonzola and Onion Pizza, Frogmore Stew, Southern Spoon Bread, Almost Heaven Cake - What’s Cooking in the Kitchen?

Are you hungry yet?  These recipes and more can be found in the recently published SNA Past Presidents’ Recipes with Love Cookbook.  The cookbook was released at the 2008 ANC inPhiladelphia.  SNA Past President Shirley Watkins spearheaded the project and the result is a collection of over 300 recipes sure to tempt you back into the kitchen at the end of a long day.  The recipes are collections that represent family favorites, those shared by friends and associates and some recipes collected during visits to states.  Order your copy or copies today for a great gift.

All proceeds from the sale of the cookbook benefit the School Nutrition Foundation. 


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