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Category: SNA Certificate Renewal (Levels 1-4) and SNS Credential Maintenance/Renewal
Level 4 Certificate Renewal Payment

Available: Yes 

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Note: SNA-Member annual renewal fee $15.00; Non-Member annual renewal fee $165.00. Your applicable fee will be added at checkout. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for SNA to process your online renewal.

SNA has launched a new Level 2 Certificate. If you previously had a Level 3 certificate, your certificate has been renamed Level 4. This is a name change only and does not impact your renewal requirements. Find out more at www.schoolnutrition.org/newlevel
This renewal is only applicable to individuals who currently hold a Level 4 (Old Level 3) Certificate; invalid renewal payment submissions will be cancelled.

By clicking Add to my cart I verify that I have completed the required Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain my certificate.

Renewal of existing certificate only . Level 4 (Old Level 3) Certificate is active for one-year period. To keep your certificate current, you must  pay the annual renewal fee and obtain a minimum number of CEUs based on member type.  Employees – 12 CEUs, Managers – 12 CEUs. Directors – 12 CEUs and State Agency – 15 CEUs.


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